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Ivory is a natural stone which is light yellowish in color and is organic. It is used for various decorative purposes, including carving, inlay, and polishing.

Its main use is for ornamental purposes, such as making furniture ornaments. Ivory is also used to make musical instruments such as flutes and violins.

Ivory was widely used by ancient Egyptians, who used it to make statues and architectural carvings.

The main difference between the different types of ivory is their origin. This is a beautiful material. It’s soft and smooth, it holds up to wear and tear, and it has a gorgeous sheen.This stone can also be found as an ingredient in paints and cosmetics. It’s used for its durability and resistance to heat and cold.

In the past, ivory was traded by people who did not have access to other materials such as wood or stone. It was expensive too which made it a very rare commodity.

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