Merillat Cabinetry is more than just a company that produces cabinets. At the heart of our organization are the individuals who make up our team. These are the people who use their skills and talents to craft beautiful and functional cabinetry, who bring their ideas and creativity to the design process, and who ultimately choose to have our products in their own homes. It is through the collective efforts and passions of our team that we have earned the reputation as “America’s Cabinetmaker.”

Founded in Michigan in 1946, Merillat has been a trusted source for high quality cabinetry for over 75 years. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to expand our operations and establish manufacturing plants across the United States, making us one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the country. From coast to coast, homeowners have come to rely on the durability, style, and functionality of Merillat products for their kitchen, bathroom, and storage needs. So, if you are in need of new cabinetry for your home, consider choosing a brand that values its people and is dedicated to delivering top-notch products – choose Merillat.