Cristallo Azur D’Or

Dimensions 118.5 × 71.5 in





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Introducing Cristallo Azur D’Or, a mesmerizing natural stone celebrated for its ethereal beauty and captivating charm. This exquisite stone features a delicate blend of soft grey and pristine white hues, adorned with subtle veins of orange that add a touch of warmth and vibrancy to its elegant composition.

With its captivating visual allure, this slab effortlessly commands attention and infuses any space with a sense of refinement and tranquility. Moreover, the gentle interplay of colors creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere, evoking the timeless elegance of a tranquil oasis.

Furthermore, the subtle veins of orange add a dynamic and lively element to the stone, infusing it with a sense of energy and vitality. This unique feature makes this slab an ideal choice for those seeking to add a touch of personality and character to their interior design.

In addition, this quartzite stands as not only visually striking but also exceptionally durable and versatile. Whether utilized as a luxurious countertop surface, a striking accent wall, or as elegant flooring, its robust nature ensures longevity and enduring beauty.

In essence, Cristallo Azur D’Or transcends the ordinary, emerging as a true masterpiece that elevates the aesthetic of any space. At Tez Marble, we are committed to offering only the finest materials, and Cristallo Azur D’Or exemplifies this commitment. Additionally, each slab undergoes meticulous selection and expert craftsmanship, ensuring unparalleled quality that reflects the timeless allure and natural splendor of this exquisite stone.

Partner with Tez Marble, and allow us to guide you through the selection process with expert advice and personalized service tailored to your unique vision. Additionally, visit one of our showrooms to experience the breathtaking beauty of Cristallo Azur D’Or firsthand.