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Porcelain and Marble Slabs: Elevating Bathroom Elegance

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Why go for the average shower space when you can turn yours into a design wonder? The right choice of slabs can turn your shower from functional to standout stylish. This year marble and porcelain slabs are leading the pack, lending understated elegance and flexibility to suit nearly any bathroom design. But how do you choose between marble and porcelain and what are the factors on which to weigh the decision, such as durability, maintenance and style? We’ve put together the essential guide for a perfect slab selection for your shower renovation.

Selecting the Ideal Shower Slabs
The ideal shower slabs should be stylish, resistant to water, easy to clean and durable. So, it makes perfect sense that marble and porcelain stand out as two excellent choices for shower areas.

Marble: Timeless Elegance
Marble slab has long been synonymous with style and luxury, and you can find everything from subtly elegant to grandly luxurious in this unique slabs. Selecting a large-format marble slab for the shower can actually make your space look bigger and lift the ceiling height.

Also recommended: Polished marble slabs are great for their water resistance and their ease of cleaning. Do keep in mind, however, that polished marble can also be a bit slippery when wet, we suggest using a PH neutral natural stone cleaner for a beautiful finish that’s both “green” and will keep your marble in top condition.

Porcelain: Durable and Low Maintenance
Durable, water resistant and low maintenance, Porcelain slabs are the ideal choice for shower walls. Porcelain slabs come in a variety of designs that mimic the look of natural stone (think white carrara, dark emperador, etc.), in a variety of finishes, this way you can have the look of marble, quartz, or granite with no maintenance! Porcelain slabs do not need to be sealed, they are stain resistant and maintenance free, which is always a great bonus for a shower.

Marble Shower Design Inspirations

Classic White Veined Marble: A white veined marble slab brings the subtle and striking to the modern home.

Vibrant Marble Slabs: Show off your love of color with a dramatic marble slab in a stunning shade, such as emerald green, creating a rich and decadent look. Monochromatic Elegance: A black and white marble slab can also create a high-contrast, monochromatic look that feels both contemporary and timeless.

Soft White & Gray: A soft white and gray marble slab presents a softer look that’s perfect for flowing from a bathroom vanity to a shower, creating a spacious look and a seamless wave effect. Unique Blue Marble: For a more unexpected look, veined blue marble slabs can end in a flowing waterfall effect that creates enormous visual impact as the background to your shower.

Porcelain Shower Ideas

Marble-Look Porcelain: For a look you love without the upkeep, go with a porcelain tile slab that features soft gray and white veining. Boldly Veined Porcelain: Opt for a neutral porcelain slab that features hard-edged, bold veining in a striking contrast.

Sleek Black Porcelain: Pair sweeping curtains of deep black porcelain slab with an open glass shower stall and metallic hardware for a look of sophisticated depth. Classic White Porcelain: A large, bright white porcelain slab installation can freshen up and elevate any shower design with ease.

Colorful Porcelain: For an unexpected burst of intense color, a porcelain slab in a deep, vibrant hue can double as a true work of art. Find the Perfect Slabs at Tez Marble Tez Marble is pleased to offer an extensive range of stunning marble and porcelain slabs, perfect for creating the shower design of your dreams. Visit us online or in-store explore our immense variety of options designed to suit every need and style. Create a shower to talk about with Tez Marble marble slabs and porcelain slabs.

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