Supreme Pearl Crosscut




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The Supreme Pearl Crosscut stands out as a highly coveted slab. For those in search of a captivating piece that promises to captivate attention, the Supreme Pearl Crosscut stands unmatched. The quartzite’s distinctive gray color with black veins and a mesmerizing pattern, ensures its popularity among both guests and homeowners. This unique combination secures its place as a favorite choice in various settings. This premium slab’s unique features make it a standout centerpiece in any space it adorns.

The allure of this quartzite extends beyond its visual appeal. It embodies a premium quality that commands attention effortlessly. Whether as a remarkable addition to your own home or as an unforgettable gift, the Supreme Pearl Crosscut exudes timeless beauty and sophistication.

Adorning any living space, this quartzite promises to leave an indelible impression. Its unique charm and undeniable elegance make it a cherished addition to any interior design, transforming spaces into showcases of refined taste and unparalleled beauty.

In essence, the Supreme Pearl Crosscut isn’t just a slab; it’s an embodiment of luxury and elegance. Its exquisite features and unparalleled allure make it an exceptional choice, destined to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home it graces, leaving an enduring legacy of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Exceptional Service at Tez Marble:

At Tez Marble, we know how important it is to find the right marble for your home or business. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every slab of marble we sell meets our exacting standards. We hand pick all of our material directly from the manufacturer so you don’t have to. From mining to polishing, shipping and handling, we make sure each slab is perfect. If you’re looking for an elegant alternative to traditional white marble, look no further than our Supreme Pearl Crosscut. Come by one of our many Bay Area locations to see it in person.