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Statuario is a natural stone which is white and irregularly patterned in color. It is organic, meaning that it is formed by the actions of living organisms, rather than being formed by chemical reactions or other non-living processes.

This stone has been used by man for thousands of years to make tools, weapons, and buildings. It was also used as a source of building material in Ancient Greece and Rome. Because it is organic, Statuario can take on many forms and colors. Some examples include:
– white, grey, and black stone with irregular patterns
– large pieces of stone with large cracks and holes.

The name “statuario” comes from the Latin word statua, which means “statue”. It is also known as Italian Carrara marble because it was quarried from the area around Carrara in Italy.

The first use of statuario stone was probably for statues during the late Neolithic period (4000 BC).

Statuario stone has a white or light-gray color with streaks of color running through it like veins on a leaf. This makes it look like wood but feels more like smooth stone when touched with your fingers!

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