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Ivory  is a natural stone which is light gray patterned in color and is organic. It features a wide range of neutral colors and offers a classic appeal.

Ivory is similar to marble and has been used for centuries in many countries around the world. It was used to make statues, furniture, bowls, vases, urns and other decorative objects. The stone has also been used as an ornamental paneling in homes and public buildings.

The color of ivory varies from light golden brown to almost white in color. The more yellowish ivory tends to be more porous than reddish ones.

Ivory can be polished or left unpolished; this depends on your preference and need for maintenance. Polishing does not change the look or feel of the material but improves its appearance by making it shine better than unpolished ones do.

The hardness of ivory varies from 5 to 6 on Moh’s scale where 1 is the most softest while 10 indicates the hardest substance known to man-steel!

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