Henley Fog














Step into a world of timeless charm and rustic elegance with our Henley Fog floor and wall tile, a captivating fusion of Spanish-inspired design and modern sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Spanish encaustic tiles, this tile offers a unique blend of old-world style and contemporary flair.

Also crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Henley Fog tile features a mesmerizing array of geometric motifs in varying shades of light grey, charcoal, and white. Alternating square, rectangular, and star shapes come together to create a captivating design reminiscent of a traditional basket weave pattern. The smooth, matte surface adds a touch of understated elegance, while the intricate interplay of shapes and tones creates a dynamic visual impact that enhances any design theme.

This highly durable tile is suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential interior installations, including kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. Its versatility and durability make it ideal for high-traffic areas where both style and performance are paramount.

Designed for ease of installation, the Henley Fog tile features four 8-3/4 inch squares separated by scored grout lines. This innovative design not only saves time and labor but also allows for further customization by grouting the scored lines with the color of your choice.

Transform your space with the timeless beauty of the Henley Fog tile, and experience the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern elegance. Let each tile be a testament to the enduring legacy of impeccable craftsmanship and the timeless appeal of Spanish-inspired design, creating a space that exudes sophistication, warmth, and rustic charm at every turn.