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Step into a vibrant world of Cuban-inspired design with our Habana Rosso floor and wall tile. Drawing influence from the rich patterns and motifs of Cuban culture, this tile features an array of geometric shapes meticulously arranged to create an intricate and visually captivating design.

Mimicking the appearance of colored cement, the Habana Rosso tile showcases speckled rust, cream, and spruce green tones that blend harmoniously to evoke an industrial aesthetic. Within the design, a buttercream ring adorned with deep forest green borders frames the centerpiece—a sand and buttercream snowflake—creating a mesmerizing focal point that commands attention.

Flowing seamlessly together, these tiles boast gentle curves that add a touch of artisanal craftsmanship, further enhancing the cement-inspired look and feel. Set against a Sierra red matted glaze, the tile’s brownish-red hue exudes warmth and character, while subtle texture and distressed details lend an air of authenticity and realism.

Versatile and durable, the Habana Rosso tile is perfect for enlivening any indoor space, whether used as a striking accent on floors or walls. Transform your home with the vibrant energy of Cuban-inspired design and elevate your interior with the timeless elegance of the Habana Rosso tile. Let each tile be a testament to the beauty of cultural heritage and the enduring allure of artistic expression.