Grey Smoke

Dimensions 108 × 67 in





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Introducing Grey Smoke, a limestone masterpiece that commands attention with its bold presence and timeless allure. This slab captivates with its regal appearance, boasting a captivating blend of deep grey hues reminiscent of billowing clouds of smoke, interwoven with delicate wisps of cream and intricate spots that dance across its surface like whispers in the wind.

Moreover, beyond its striking aesthetic appeal, this marble exudes an undeniable sense of prestige and sophistication. Transitioning seamlessly from traditional to contemporary settings, its enduring beauty and remarkable durability make it a standout choice for architects and designers seeking to make a statement in any space.

Furthermore, versatile and commanding, this limestone lends itself to a multitude of design applications. Whether used for grand architectural features, luxurious flooring, or elegant countertops, this exquisite marble adds a touch of opulence and grandeur to any environment.

In essence, Grey Smoke is a masterpiece that transforms any home. At Tez Marble, we take pride in offering only the finest materials, and Grey Smoke limestone is no exception. Each slab is meticulously selected and expertly crafted to ensure unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Throughout the entire process, from extraction to installation, our skilled artisans oversee every step, ensuring that each piece reflects the timeless elegance and prestige befitting its name. Partner with Tez Marble and let us guide you through the selection process, providing expert advice and personalized service. Step into one of our showrooms to experience the magnificence of Grey Smoke firsthand, and let its commanding presence transform your space into a true masterpiece of design.