Daria Dandelion














Introducing our exquisite Daria Dandelion floor and wall tile, where timeless elegance meets contemporary flair in a captivating symphony of color and design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning tile effortlessly infuses any space with a touch of modern sophistication and artistic charm.

Featuring a pristine snow white color tone adorned with delicate floral motifs in pale goldenrod yellow and light grey, the Daria Dandelion tile is a true masterpiece of encaustic-inspired design. Each tile is a work of art in its own right, meticulously crafted to bring beauty and character to your floors and walls.

The geometric pattern of the Daria Dandelion tile adds a sense of depth and dimension to your space, creating a dynamic visual impact that commands attention. Whether used as a striking accent piece or as the focal point of your design scheme, this tile effortlessly elevates any room with its unique blend of modern style and timeless elegance.

The matte glazed surface of the Daria Dandelion tile adds an extra layer of depth and character, enhancing its visual appeal and lending it a subtle sense of texture. Its impervious, frost-resistant, and durable features make it the perfect choice for both commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications, including backsplashes, bathrooms, kitchens, and patios.

Transform your space with the exquisite beauty of our Daria Dandelion tile and let its mesmerizing design inspire your imagination. Whether you’re renovating a traditional home or embarking on a modern design project, this versatile tile is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.