Corinto Provenzal Colors Mix












Elevate your space with the timeless rustic charm of the Corinto Provenzal Colors Mix floor and wall tile. Crafted to perfection, this unique tile brings a touch of old-world elegance to any room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that exudes character and sophistication.

Also adorned with an exquisite array of twenty-nine print variations, including a captivating mix of geometric and floral patterns, each tile is a work of art in itself. Delicately scattered throughout each case, these encaustic-inspired tiles boast an eclectic blend of muted Earthy green, serene cornflower blue, vintage barn red, classic denim, and subtle beige tones, adding depth and visual interest to your space.

Emulating the charm of aged craftsmanship, imitation scuff marks lend an air of authenticity to the tile’s appearance, infusing it with a rustic allure that evokes memories of bygone eras. Whether you’re renovating a traditional farmhouse or adding a touch of vintage flair to a modern home, the Corinto Provenzal Colors Mix tile is sure to make a lasting impression.

With its medium sheen finish, this versatile tile is suitable for both indoor and outdoor residential applications. From accent walls to kitchen floors, from cozy living spaces to inviting patios, let your creativity run wild as you explore the endless design possibilities that the Corinto Provenzal Colors Mix tile has to offer. Experience the beauty of craftsmanship and transform your space into a haven of timeless elegance with this exquisite tile.