Chester Rose Medium











The Chester Rose Medium wall tile embodies a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern allure, elevating any interior space with its captivating beauty and timeless charm. Crafted to evoke the rustic sophistication of hand-hewn stone, each tile showcases asymmetrical edges and a smooth surface texture, adding depth and character to your walls.

Also with its delicate rose hue reminiscent of blooming petals, the Chester Rose Medium tile exudes a sense of warmth and tranquility, infusing your space with an inviting ambiance and a touch of romance. The soft, matte finish lends a subtle elegance to any room, creating a serene backdrop for your decor and furnishings.

Moreover, ideal for interior wall applications, this tile offers endless design possibilities, from creating charming kitchen backsplashes to adding a touch of luxury to bathroom showers and accent walls. Whether used as a standalone feature or combined with complementary elements from the Chester collection, it allows you to express your unique style and personality with grace and sophistication.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty and serenity with the Chester Rose Medium wall tile. Its timeless appeal and understated elegance make it the perfect choice for infusing your living spaces with warmth, character, and enduring style.