Calacatta Venato

Dimensions 126 × 63 in





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Calacatta Venato is a prestigious porcelain revered for its luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Renowned for its creamy white background, this marble exhibits striking and intricate veining, typically characterized by thick, dramatic grey or gold veins that traverse the stone in sweeping patterns. The contrast between the vivid veining and the pristine backdrop creates a stunning visual impact. This makes Calacatta Venato a highly sought-after choice in upscale interior design.

Designers frequently incorporate this porcelain variety into high-end architectural projects, utilizing it for countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and decorative accents. Its opulent appearance add an element of timeless elegance and luxury to spaces, exuding a sense of refinement and grandeur. Calacatta Venato’s distinguished beauty and enduring appeal make it a captivating centerpiece, elevating interior spaces with its classic charm and prestigious allure.


At Tez Marble, we know how important it is to find the right porcelain for your home or business. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every slab of porcelain we sell meets our exacting standards. We hand-pick all of our material directly from the manufacturer so you don’t have to. From mining to polishing, shipping, and handling, we make sure each slab is perfect. If you’re looking for an elegant alternative to traditional white marble, look no further than our Calacatta Venato . Come by one of our many Bay Area locations to see it in person.