Azul Imperial

Azul Imperial is an exotic natural stone from Brazil that’s been hand-selected for its unique blue-grey hues and beautiful veining. This stunning material has a polished finish that glistens in the light. An excellent front entryway stone, Azul Imperial can be used in functional areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and dining room but also works well in a great room or living space where it can be enjoyed by all.




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Introducing Azul Imperial, a breathtaking slab brick destined to captivate onlookers with its sheer elegance and contemporary allure. Its strikingly bold appearance, coupled with a rich, earthy palette, seamlessly complements the aesthetic of modern designs, adding a touch of sophistication to any space it graces. Crafted to perfection, Azul Imperial exudes an undeniable charm that effortlessly commands attention in every room.

Ideal for enhancing countertops, bench tops, and more, this exquisite slab boasts not only unparalleled beauty but also remarkable versatility. With a diverse array of sizes and shapes to choose from, Azul Imperial empowers you to create bespoke designs that reflect your unique style and personality. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek kitchen countertop or a luxurious bathroom vanity, this remarkable slab promises to elevate the ambiance of any environment it inhabits.

At Tez Marble, we understand the significance of selecting the perfect marble for your residential or commercial space. With unwavering commitment, our dedicated team meticulously curates each slab, ensuring that it meets our rigorous standards of quality and excellence. By sourcing directly from trusted manufacturers, we guarantee the authenticity and integrity of every piece, sparing no effort in the pursuit of perfection.

From the initial stages of mining to the meticulous process of polishing, and finally, to the careful handling and shipping, we oversee every aspect of production to deliver a product of unparalleled excellence.

For those seeking an elegant departure from conventional white marble, Azul Imperial presents an enticing alternative that exudes timeless allure. To witness the exquisite beauty of Azul Imperial firsthand, we invite you to visit one of our conveniently located Bay Area showrooms. Discover the transformative power of marble with Tez Marble, where every slab tells a story of enduring elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.