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Best cabinet colors 2022

Best cabinet colors 2022

It might be not easy to decide on kitchen cabinet colors. However, choosing the ideal shade for your cabinets will enable you to transform an entire room. Many homeowners are still determining the best colors to choose to paint their kitchens in 2022. Making a choice might be challenging because there are so many options available. I’ll explore many ways to select cabinet colors in this article. We’ll also discuss current trends and hues for kitchen cabinets that will always stay in style.

Best Cabinet Colors in 2022

You should consider the design of your house and the other colors in the room when choosing cabinet colors. Consider using a darker stain or a creamy white if your home is traditional. You may want a splash of colors if your house is more modern. Consider the color of the walls when choosing a color, and decide whether you want it to pop out or blend in. Additionally, keep in mind that lighter cabinets can enlarge a tiny area while darker ones will cause it to appear smaller.

  1. Green Cabinets

Green is a standard color for cabinets. This color seems to be everywhere right now, appearing in tints ranging from deep dark greens to light minty hues. Green is the way to go if you want to give your kitchen cabinets some life and create a statement.

  1. Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are statements ready to be made. Black will always be in style. Even while having black cabinets as an accent or in contrast to white walls can sometimes seem harsh, it creates a minimalistic design that works in any home.

  1. Gray Cabinets

The color gray remains a favorite for cabinets. A dark-gray might give your kitchen a more masculine look, while a light gray could make it feel spacious and cheerful. Gray cabinets are still a versatile option for any kitchen, especially when paired with lovely quartz counters and white walls.

  1. Yellow Cabinets

Yellows are a well-liked choice for 2022 kitchen cabinet colors. This lively color is ideal for kitchens that need a push. It comes in a variety of soft, buttery yellows and brilliant lemon yellows. A timeless color scheme that will always be in trend is yellow cabinets and white-colored walls.

  1. Navy Blue Cabinets 

Another well-liked trend in this year’s cabinet color palette is navy blue. It’s a striking color that may create a warm, intimate atmosphere in the room. Navy blue cabinets look elegant and classic when combined with beige or white walls.

Timeless Cabinet Colors

Above are the cabinet colors that seem to be popular in 2022. If you don’t want to follow the trend blindly and want something that will stand the test of time, you might want to consider the following colors.

  1. Classic White Cabinets

Regardless of what anyone says, white cabinets are always a wise choice and will never go out of style. They go well with practically any color scheme and are ideal for any kitchen. White cabinets might display stains and dust, which is a drawback. For white cabinets, you could choose white uppers and a darker color for the lower ones.

  1. Black Cabinets

While now in style, black cabinets are also a timeless classic that may modernize the appearance of your kitchen. Black cabinets may create a stunning statement in a traditional or modern home. It is a flexible color that may also be mixed with a wide range of wall colors.

  1. Gray Cabinets

Gray is yet another color that never goes out of style. It may be utilized in any kitchen, regardless of type, because it is versatile and ageless. For a timeless design, use gray cabinets with creamy white walls.

Tips About Cabinet Colors

  1. Lighter cabinets will contrast with dark walls and brighten your kitchen. You might use a darker color if your walls have a light hue. However, lighter cabinet colors will still work with light-colored walls.
  2. Unless you’re working with a different shade of the same color for contrast, you shouldn’t use the same color for both walls and cabinets.
  3. Using the same color for cabinets and trims is all about personal preferences. Having cabinets and trim that are the same color can help you achieve a unified look. Choose different colors if you wish to add visual diversity and a splash of color.


Does it not have to? It can. You can limit your options and make a confident choice by using the list above. Make sure the choice is something you appreciate, whether you go with something classic or modern.

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