Is Quartzite good for countertops?

Is Quartzite good for countertops?

All the designs, colors, and materials can be overwhelming when trying to work out which would suit your home. Quartzite is a naturally formed metamorphic rock made from sandstone. Quartzite has silently become one of the popular picks among the usual choices of marble and granite. With the beauty of marble and the strength of granite, most consider Quartzite a great investment. 

Is Quartzite a Good Choice for Countertops?

Just like marble, Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed under intense pressure. It is a mixture of quartz and sandstone that recrystallizes under extreme temperatures. This results in quartz grains getting interlocked to form a durable rock with immense strength. Let’s see why Quartzite would make an excellent countertop for your bathroom and kitchen. 

  1. Cost

While Quartzite can be a tad bit expensive compared to granite, it is still cheaper than high-quality marble. As Quartzite ranks higher on the Mohs scale, its shaping and installation require better equipment and diamond-tipped drills. So, the cost goes up. Quartzite is compared to marble rather than granite due to its similar design and patterns, so if you’re a fan of marble but find it a bit costly, the cost of Quartzite will seem reasonable. What is a little price tag when you get such elegance in your home, right?

2. Durability

Countertops see a lot of activity, especially the ones in the kitchen. A countertop must be able to withstand occasional utensil drops, heat from a pan, and other wear and tear. While proper care is required for all countertops to ensure their longevity, Quartzite is a naturally strong mineral so you don’t have to be too careful around it.  

3. Maintenance

Quartzite has high porosity in its natural state. Since all the quantize countertops are sealed before use, you don’t have to worry about stains and cleaning. However, you need to regularly clean it and at least annually reseal it to ensure its longevity. As for cleaning, you can use any soft wipe cloth with soap and water. Moreover, the sealant also provides resistance against bacteria or mold, making the kitchen and bathroom a hygienic space.  

4. UV Resistant 

The formation of Quartzite requires extreme heat and pressure, so it is obvious to say it is heat and UV-resistant. So, using it as a kitchen countertop where it is frequently around hot pans and stoves is a good choice. It is also suitable for outdoor cooking spaces where it is exposed to natural light. The heat and UV from natural light will not damage quartzite countertops preventing the color from fading over time. 

5. Looks

Quartzite may have fewer color selections compared to other natural stones, but the available colors can still be personalized to match your aesthetics. As for the color selection, you will find Quartzite in neutral colors such as black, brown, gray, and beige, and sometimes with contrasting colors such as purple, and blue due to the presence of other minerals and oxidization. Quartzite offers earthly looks with beautiful swirly veins. It resembles marble but is slightly cheaper; perfect for modern houses. 

How is Quartzite countertop compared to other natural stones?

Due to its name, you might think quartz and Quartzite are closely related – it’s not. Although there are all-natural quartz countertops, most of the quartz countertop available in the market is manufactured. It is manufactured using a little bit of natural quartz mineral mixed with resin and recycled waste. While Quartzite is a natural stone. 

Quartzite is often mistaken for marble due to these two minerals sharing similar looks. They are both metamorphic stones formed under extreme heat and pressure. However, Quartzite is much stronger than marble. Marble has a Mohs score of 3, whereas Quartzite is 7.

When compared to granite, Quartzite tends to be slightly harder. Both can withstand the abuse of drops, heat, acidic foods, and such. Both require low maintenance and occasional sealing. There isn’t much difference between them in case of characteristics, but the designs vary.

Warp Up

There is no hard and fast rule when choosing a mineral for a countertop when remodeling a house. There are many choices and even more design options. However, there are certain factors you need to consider based on your vision. You need to keep in mind the cost of materials, compatibility with other furniture, installation, and, most importantly, your personal preferences. Remodeling might not be that difficult; it is the choices that make it difficult. Hopefully, the catalogs at Tez Marble can make the remodeling journey easier. 

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