Is Granite good for countertops?

Is Granite good for countertops?

Granite took over the world by storm and became homeowners’ most preferred choice for countertops worldwide. It is highly durable, totally natural, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns suitable for virtually any kitchen and bathroom aesthetic. Apart from its durability and variety, there are other reasons why granite is at the top of the preferred material for countertops. 

Is Granite Good for Countertops? 

A couple of factors need to be considered when choosing a new countertop material. Since you are here, it is safe to assume granite is somewhere on the top of your list. Let’s look at why this choice of yours is a good idea. 


Granite is a natural stone, so you know it is hard, but how hard? It has a Mohs hardness score of seven and is second only to diamond! So, when installed properly, it will last for ages and will not need to be replaced in your lifetime. You will only replace it because you want to remodel the house. Granite is so tough that it resists scratching and cracking unless you actively hit it with a hammer. It is also fairly heat resistant, so if you have one as a kitchen countertop, occasional heat from a pan won’t harm it in any way. I would still be careful; extended exposure to heat might affect the sealing. 

Easy Maintenance 

Unlike other natural stones, granite is not a hassle when it comes to maintenance. After you have properly sealed the granite countertop during installation, it will prevent staining and resist bacteria. Cleaning a granite countertop doesn’t require strict directives; just take a clean cloth and wipe the countertop with normal soap and water. However, ensure you clean the countertop regularly; after each session, if it’s a kitchen countertop. 

Long-term Investment 

One of the major reasons why granite is so popular is because it is a relatively affordable long-term investment. While your neighbor has been busy replacing their laminate or resin countertops over the years, you do not have to worry about a thing with your granite countertop. Apart from that, granite countertops also increase the overall value of your house if you plan to sell it along the way. 


Nothing can beat granite’s natural beauty. You think so, too – that is why it is at the top of your list, right? Each slab is unique; you can view them entirely before choosing one. Every single piece has a unique color, pattern, and other variations. This makes each countertop have its unique appeal. You have the option to choose from multiple vibrant colors with dramatic veining, or you can lean towards a softer tone. You can even get one that mimics the appearance of marble with the superior strength of granite. 

Types of granite countertops

Granite Slabs

Granite slabs are the most popular countertop material as they come as a big solid piece and lack ugly joins. The cost of granite slab varies in size and quality, but usually, it is the most expensive type of granite. You will have a hard time installing granite slabs on your countertop; better to call professionals. 

Modular Granite

This form of granite is relatively cheaper than the slabs and comes in large chunks that can be carefully laid adjacent to form a countertop. Although a countertop made using modular granite will have seams, the frequency will be much lower than that found when using tiles. Since modular granite comes in chunks, you can DIY your countertop without much hassle. 

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are usually used in flooring and are not the top choice for countertops. Although it is extremely DIY, it comes in small portions that, when used as a countertop, will not look seamless. Granite tiles are not recommended to use on countertops. 

How much does granite cost?

While granite is a relatively cheap natural stone, the price can stack up depending on the size of your countertop. A good quality granite countertop can cost anything from $80 to over $200 per foot. If you’re building a new house or remodeling the old one, a substantial chunk of your budget will go towards granite. However, the initial cost will seem reasonable since it lasts a lifetime and requires low maintenance if sealed properly. Apart from that, it also has a high resale value and resonates with luxurious beauty. Considering these intangible factors, granite seems like a superior choice. 

Are granite countertops for you?

You probably have already made up your mind before even finding this article. You just wanted some additional assurance to solidify your decision. In that case, granite makes excellent countertops that are both durable and stylish. Although you need to have some degree of caution, you do not even need to be too careful with granite countertops; they can handle stains, heat, and occasion, utensil drops. This low-maintenance natural stone adds value to your house and is considered a good investment. It looks good, comes in many varieties, and is relatively affordable. There you have it. This is your call to go get a good granite countertop. If you need help choosing one, browse Tez Marble’s catalog.

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