What are the different countertop finishes?

What are the different countertop finishes?

Kitchens and bathrooms are more than just utility rooms. When designed right, they enhance the overall elegance of the whole house and act as a showpiece. Apart from well-crafted and cautiously chosen cabinets and other apparatus, floors and countertops immediately capture a visitor’s attention. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to countertops and floors. Marbles, granite, and quartz are some of the most commonly used minerals used as countertops. Apart from the variety of colors and pattern choices, you also have to keep a keen eye on the type of finishes they come with. Each of the minerals has different characteristics that can influence its finish. I understand it can be a bit overwhelming, but here at Tez Marble, we work to help you choose the best countertop finish for your home. 

Different countertop finishes

When choosing a natural countertop, new homeowners start with a vision that comprises the color, tone, pattern, and finish. This vision will most probably include a shiny glossy countertop finish, but there are other available finishes. 

  • Polished Finish

A natural stone with a polished finish is the most common and standard finish that you can find on most homes. It has a high gloss and a very reflective surface which results in it being significantly less porous. This makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops as it tends to have a slick and hygienic surface. This finish has an elegant look, but you need to be extra careful with it to preserve its shine. This means you need to use good countertop cleaners with a soft cloth wipe to clean it. However, cleaning a polished finished countertop is relatively hassle-free when the right cleaners are used. As the shiny surface has sealed pores, it can resist stains and repel moisture. 

  • Honed Finish

Often known as matte finish, a honed finish has a muffled yet smooth look. It has little reflective properties but gives out a radiant effect that makes the whole room look enigmatic. This type of finish is available on most natural stone countertops but can be seen extensively on limestones. Honing a natural stone countertop increases its durability but makes it more porous and therefore making it susceptible to stains. Anything acidic might even ruin the surface and leave dark spots. You will need to reseal it often, and a daily wipe-down is absolutely necessary to remove fingerprints and dust. You will need to thoroughly wipe the countertop with a damp cloth and then finish with a dry wipe. If you want a honed finish countertop, it is recommended to go for marble as its soft veining wouldn’t be diminished. 

  • Sand Blasted Finish

Commonly used exterior surfaces, sand-blasted finishes give an eroded and timeworn look. This makes it ideal for use with rough stones floor and to match new pieces with old ones. Also, the other reason why it is preferred for outdoor surfaces is that its rough exterior is very susceptible to stains.

  • Leathered Finish

A leathered finish is a combination of honed and polished finishes. A natural stone countertop or slab with leathered finish begins with a honed finish brushed with diamond-tipped brushes to retain a dent-like texture. This is a relatively new style of finish that has been slowly taking over the market. It comes with a soft gloss that is less than what you see on a polished finish and has a textured look. While you can see a leathered finish on any colored stone, it is more commonly used on stones with a darker tone. You do not need to worry too much about maintaining a leathered finished countertop. Due to its textured nature, you will rarely notice any stains and fingerprints. 

  • Caressed Finish

This finish further improves a leathered finish stone by polishing the elevated surfaces. This makes the natural stone countertops with a leathered finish more stain-resistant.

Which one is the right for you?

The major factor that needs to be considered with choosing a finish is the look and how it will influence the overall aesthetic of the room. However, you should not overlook the maintenance required by the available finishes. If you want a balance between durability, elegance, and utility, a polished finish is the way to go. If you love to cook, the non-porous and sleek nature of the polished finish will make it easier for you to maintain the beauty of your countertop. A honed finish might look better in some cases, but it is more suspectable to stain. Leathered finish acts as middle ground if you want the shine of polished finish and the rustic look of honed finish. As you can see, each of the finishes has its pros and cons. You can browse Tez Marble’s catalog of countertops with various finishes to help make up your mind. 

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